2018 State Unemployment Rate Determination

It is very important that we receive the 2018 Unemployment Rate Determination information before the end of the year. Most state unemployment rates change every year, and most state agencies (including Ohio) mailed these 2018 rate determinations in November 2017. If the rate determination is not received before January 1, 2018, Paytime will continue to use last year's rate. When Paytime receives the new rate determination, the necessary state unemployment adjustments will be made. You will be notified if Paytime must collect additional funds or if funds will be returned to you.

Special Note: There are some states, other than Ohio, that will not send out their rate determinations until after the first of the year. When you receive them, please remember to send them to Paytime immediately. In addition, please send the 1st quarter state unemployment returns, which you will receive sometime in March.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at cs@paytime.com. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you.