Paytime introduces a comprehensive, secure web-based Human Capital Management System (HCMS), powered by InfinityHR, that centralizes all benefits information with ease and accessibility. HCMS streamlines benefits management, enrollment, and reporting.

InfinityHR is the most comprehensive and affordable solution on the market today, and comes standard with numerous features to meet your every need.


Professional and Premium Versions Available

InfinityHR is available in two versions, “Professional” and “Premium,” to ensure that you get all the features you need in the most cost effective manner possible.

The “Premium” edition is priced according to a PEPM (per-employee-per-month) pricing schedule that varies depending upon the size of your organization.

Contact a Client Service Representative for more information at 440.349.2641.


Features include:

Employee Portal
Benefits Management
Time Off Tracking
Time and Attendance
Applicant Tracking
Performance Management
Employee Surveys
Wellness Tracking
Workflow Management
Advanced Reporting
and more...

Features Professional Premium
Employee Self Service Portal    
Document Library x x
Link Library x x
Open Enrollment and Qualified Events x x
Employee Management x
Employee Demographic Data Management x x
Dependent Management x x
Compensation Management x x
Beneficiary Management x x
Emergency Contact Management x x
Activity Log History x x
Benefits Management

Full Benefits Management Functionality x x
Benefit Statements x x
Total Compensation Statements x x
Automatic Data Exports to Carriers
Automatic Data Exports to Payroll
Standard (One-Click) Reports

Premium Reports x x
Event Reports
Data Comparison (Premium Reconciliation)
Organizational Management x x
Alerts (over age dependents, birthdays, etc.) x x
Employee Skills Tracking x x
COBRA Management x x
Time Off Tracking Add On x
Time and Attendance Add On x
Applicant Tracking Add On x
Performance Management Add On x
Employee Surveys Add On x
Wellness Tracking Add On x
Workflow Management Add On x
Advanced Reporting
Data Imports

Standard Imports x x
Custom Imports
Data Exports

Ad Hoc Data Exports x x
Automated Scheduled Exports

Email Support Only x
Dedicated Support Manager (email or phone)
Dedicated Implementation Support and Carrier / Payroll Export Configuration