Focused on Your Continued Success

We understand that not all businesses are seeking growth and are instead focused on their continued success. Business may be steady, but laws and technology are ever-changing. Our payroll and HR solutions can help you continue down the path toward success while keeping you updated on the latest technological changes and compliance-related issues. We often find that companies seeking continued success focus on:


In today's digital world, the technology around us is always evolving. Paytime keeps you updated with the latest payroll and human resource technologies to improve processes, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.


Employers must comply with the constant change in federal, state, and local tax and employment regulations. Paytime eases the burden by ensuring your firm stays compliant.

Tax Credits

Our tax experts help reduce your tax burden by identifying government tax credits and incentives. Lower your tax rates and increase your bottom line.

Client Support 

Founded by accountants, our team has a unique understanding of your business needs. Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support.

Paytime for the Employee Lifecycle

While we find that companies seeking continued success are often focused on the solutions listed above, Paytime has the solutions to help you manage the entire employee lifecycle. For more information on the solutions below, click here.