Growing your Business

Is your business experiencing growth? When companies grow quickly, they must reevaluate their current tools and business processes.  Our team has helped many companies through growth periods to ensure they have the right solutions for their payroll and human resource needs. If you are experiencing growth, you may consider the following solutions:

HR Support

Our online HR support center provides you with the human resource knowledge and support to better manage your employees. Get the answers you need at any time with personalized HR support from experienced professionals.


In today's digital world, the technology around us is constantly changing. Paytime keeps you updated with the latest payroll and human resource technologies to improve processes, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.


Employers must comply with the constant change in federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Paytime has the resources to help your firm stay compliant.

Business Efficiency

Paytime helps improve efficiencies for employers and employees. We have the tools and resources to improve your processes from onboarding through the entire employee lifecycle.


Our employee benefit solutions are the answer to your benefit needs. From 401(k) administration to health and other benefit packages, Paytime has your covered.

Client Support

Our clients are at the center of everything we do. Founded by accountants, our team has a unique understanding of your business needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support.

Paytime for the Employee Lifecycle

While we find that companies seeking growth are often focused on the solutions listed above, Paytime has the solutions to help you manage the entire employee lifecycle. For more information on the solutions below, click here.