State Unemployment

The burden of unemployment administration can frustrate any business owner. The accumulation of paperwork - the forms, reports, filings, and deadlines are a distraction and affects your ability to focus on your business. Let us take on the burden of administering and managing unemployment claims, so you can stay focused on your core business.

With the Unemployment Solutions package, our professional staff will respond to unemployment claims timely and accurately on your behalf. We answer and submit all claim forms and other related correspondence. If a contested unemployment claim results in an appeals hearing, we will coordinate and represent you in the appeals process.  Providing advice and guidance in navigating the process and coaching your team on winning techniques.

The Unemployment Solutions package controls, manages, and monitors your organization's entire unemployment process including:

  • Review benefit charges from state unemployment agencies
  • Assist in the processing of all unemployment claims
  • Appeal unfavorable decisions within statutory time frames
  • Assist in prehearing preparation for appeals hearings
  • Provide hearing representation by experienced HR professionals as necessary
  • Periodic reporting of unemployment claims activity
  • Auditing of benefit charges

Our unemployment solution is developed to provide strategies to decrease your unemployment exposure and liability with an aggressive, personal, and proactive approach to your unemployment claims. The administration is performed by experienced human resources consultants to ensure compliance with all pertinent state laws.

Effective tax rate reduction begins with successful unemployment claims administration. Reduce unemployment claim costs and control state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxes while staying in compliance with state laws  and regulations.