Paytime Tax Solutions

Paytime offers tax services to help you improve efficiencies and reduce taxes and other expenses. Our tax solutions help you manage your payroll tax requirements. Trust the experts at Paytime with your tax obligations. Ensure your taxes are handled correctly and filed on time with Paytime's Tax Services.

Our Tax Services Include:

Payroll Tax Service

Paytime will help you manage your tax payments while ensuring you meet all IRS deadlines and requirements. 

Tax Credits

Paytime helps clients identify and take advantage of Federal and State tax credits, lowering their tax rates and increasing their bottom line.


WOTC is a federal program that gives employers up to $9,600 in tax credits per employee, if the employee meets certain criteria. Our WOTC tax credit service can help you to ensure all necessary supporting documentation is submitted in a timely manner.

Contact Paytime today to learn more about our tax solutions. Ensure tax compliance with Paytime.